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As of July 2017, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported 238,288 crashes of which 98,885 resulted in 151,009 injuries of which 1,682 of those crashes resulted in 1,792 traffic fatalities.

Car accidents are extremely common especially in high traffic areas. Its important to know what to do in the event you find yourself in a car accident.




  1. Call 911 and report the accident to the police.
  2. Take photographs of all visible injuries of yourself and your passengers.
  3. Take photographs of all the vehicles in the accident (exterior and interior if possible).
  4. Make sure to get the contact information of any witnesses/bystanders or people at the scene that witnessed the accident. Often times police officers ask witnesses questions at the scene of the accident to help them determine who to issue the traffic ticket too but will not include the witnesses on the police report. Police reports take an average of 2 to 3 weeks to be completed and available to you and many times you will find that the officer did not list the witnesses on the report. By that time it’s too late to find the witnesses. These witnesses can be crucial to prove liability but without their contact information on the police report it will be close to impossible for your lawyer to subpoena them for testimony
  5. Get insurance information. This is important so that your lawyer can put all parties on notice. Why wait until the police report is complete to start working on your case?
  6. Seek medical attention AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Being involved in a car accident could lead to internal injuries that can be fatal. It’s better to safe than sorry and get yourself checked out. The most common injuries in car accidents are head and back injuries, whiplash, neck and chest injuries, pelvis injuries, knee, foot and leg injuries.
  7. Contact a lawyer with experience in litigation has handled car accident cases.