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Personal Injury

Many victims accept less than the true value of their injuries.

Don’t let that be you.

At Diaz Law we will not settle for anything less than you deserve.


Foreclosure Defense

Did you know that in the last 30 days over 500 foreclosures have been filed in Miami Dade County alone? Residents of Miami Dade County think the boom is over but the next wave of foreclosures is about to begin.

Our attorneys have successfully obtained hundreds of loan modifications, deed in lieu and conducted short sale negotiations with lenders since 2008.


Family Law

Our firm has extensive experience in family law matters including divorces, child custody and child support. More importantly, we modify existing child support and child custody cases. Circumstances change all the time and when they do, the best interest of the child could be different from what it was originally when the judge drafted its final order.


Car Accidents

As of September 27, 2017 there have been 44,814 car accidents in Miami Dade County alone. Of that amount, 21,772 have resulted in serious injuries and 189 were fatal. If you suffer and accident that results in injury for you or your family you may be entitled to compensation.

Let us guide you into recovery and to get you the compensation you deserve.


Truck Accidents

Depending on the merchandise that trucks carry, they are required to have a substantial amount of coverage.

Florida is a comparative state so even if you receive the ticket, you can still receive compensation for your injuries.

slip and fall accidents

Wrongful Death

Florida’s Wrongful Death Act states that someone can file a lawsuit against the responsible party when any death is caused by any wrongful act, negligence, default, or breach of contract warranty. 

Typically, the surviving members of the victim’s family bring the lawsuit. The act can be an intentional act, something done purposely such as stabbing someone or a negligent act like hitting someone with your car by accident. 

Your Success is Our Success

“Diaz Law Firm is excellent. From the beginning to end they handled my case very professional. Everyone in the office was super helpful including Vanessa and Fiorella. I had a temporary injunction dismissed. I am a very satisfied customer, I would highly recommend this law firm for who ever is in need of help.

Christina Garcia

“Confident and professional experience. I trusted them to protect my business and they exceeded all of my expectations. Attorney Diaz made the process smooth and easy to understand. I am very pleased with my litigation results and highly recommend her and her incredible staff to assist/represent your best interest.”

Angelica Moreno

“Vanessa, and her team really help me all through my process. She made sure to get everything I needed to make justice. At an affordable price. Because of them I was able to be at peace and have the full trust that I needed to know they will help me along the way.”

Naylet Barbeito

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